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Please review these instructions carefully as the application changes from year to year. Instructions for completing the application follow. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED. So please, take a moment to familiarize yourself with this application.

Your application is not complete until you have paid the application fee and receive a confirmation email.

1. No space fee is due at this time – if a contract is issued, you will be billed.

2. Food Concessionaires, if selected, will be contracted with a guarantee percentage of 25% of gross sales less tax. No space fee is due at this time – if a contract is issued, Food Concessionaires will be billed a $5,000 deposit to be applied to final invoice.

3. This application is neither an offer nor a guarantee of space.

4. All questions on this application must be answered completely. If you have any questions about the form, please call the Concessions Office at (858) 792-4218.

5. Be sure the information you give is accurate, as it will be the sole representation of your business to the Selection Committee. Additional information received after your application has been received by the Concessions Office will not be accepted!

6. The list of products you are requesting to sell/display/promote/giveaway must be specific. Words such as “accessories,” “etcetera,” “related products,” and other vague descriptions are not acceptable. If a contract is issued, it will be assigned on the basis of this list only, so please be thorough!

7. An informational brochure or picture(s) that visually describe each product must be included with your application. Please be certain to label all attachments with product name, company name, and price.

8. A photo or drawing of your proposed booth in operational form is required with each application. Presentation of your booth with be a major deciding factor in whether you are accepted or not. 

9. Samples of any hand-outs, brochures, catalogs, etc. must be attached and labeled with your name if you are planning to distribute them from your booth.

10. If a contract is issued, the location of your booth will be determined by management. If you are returning, it is not guaranteed that your 2022 space will be available. 

11. Microphone usage require prior approval from the Concessions Office. If you have checked off the Microphone Application box on your application, this form will automatically be sent to you if a contract is issued. Microphone use is not guaranteed.

12. Be sure to list all persons (and their titles, if applicable) who have financial interest or ownership in this company. Descriptions such as “none,” “self,” or “corporation” are not acceptable.

13. Credentials (daily admission passes) will not be released to anyone not listed on your application as authorized to do so (this is not a list of all of your employees, simply a list of those who may check-in and pick up credentials at fair time).

14. Please indicate how many people (including yourself) work in the booth per day.

15. Your application is not considered submitted until you have completed payment.


I have read and understand the above information *
Application Fee $35 *